Ro-Bar Co-Founder Barry Fitzgerald Retires

Barry Fitzgerald, co-founder of Ro-Bar Technical Services in Boise, is retiring 40 years after forming the Boise TAB firm.

Barry was trained as an electrical engineer with a specialty in control systems. This background served him well as he & his firm unraveled problems and improved the performance of HVAC systems throughout the Idaho region.

Barry has been a NEBB certified professional (CP) since 1976 and his certifications included Building Systems Commissioning, Air and Hydronic Environmental Systems, and Sound and Vibration Testing.

Barry was instrumental in assisting the integration of Ro-Bar into a NWESI division in 2014 with Jerry Burstedt the NWESI Idaho Regional Manager.

Ro-Bar recently rebranded to the NWESI name in January 2016 but its history and excellent standings in the region are due to Barry’s work building and maintaining relationships over his long career.